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Oriental Express is a blog dedicated entirely to searching and posting “HOT” Female Asian Celebrities in the internet and their corresponding pictures, profiles, and filmographies. Any blog or site with the same title doesn’t necessarily have any relation with the foregoing. The same goes to blogs or sites with the same content. The authors do not protest or hold any antagonistic sentiments against these sites. Also, it is solely our discretion to have the stars featured in this blog categorized, branded, or called as “HOT;” and not of their fans and the internet community as a whole. By HOT we refer to a quality otherwise known or associated to sex appeal and beauty. Additionally, HOT can also be used to refer to individuals with attractive and pleasing personalities, controversial reputation, popular names, and high yielding attribute keyword conversion rates in terms of engine searches and clickthroughs. The blog will be focused more, but not limited to, in the Orient, as the title implies, where much of the popular drama series and global attention for the time being are originating. By Asian, the authors are refering to individuals living or originating from the continent of Asia and whose decent and racial affiliation is Asian.

Generally, the blog will be updated weekly, but it is entirely in the hands of the authors how they specifically wishes the posting frequency in a week should be done. If you wish to communicate or make suggestions to us, you can contact us here>>>

Any e-mails will be accepted in kind. Of course, rants and unwanted messages will be handled and dealt with appropriately.

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