Feeling gutsy lately? Want to hit on us for being so lame with what we’re doing. Or maybe you just want to get an attention. Just send it to us. That’s no problem since we’re so used to being the butt of jokes all the time. It’s like the air we breathe, an air that hurts our lungs every time we inhale it.

For comments, suggestions, proposals, rants, or some good-ol’ lashing out of your furious intent, virtually anything that comes to your mind but don’t want others to read, just send it to us via the form below:

(Interested advertisers, please use the following contact form also.)

You can also use the following email address (although I can't assure you that I'll reply immediately because I seldom use this email anymore):

***No matter how abnormal, autistic, or retarded it may sound to us, we’ll always read it with a smile on our face. We’ll be honest with you, we want to make friends with you guys and that will always remain the same for eternity. Have a nice day. :)

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