My noontime day is not complete without the eb babes i treat them as my desert in my noontime meal. This girls are the Eat Bulaga next big thing on the philippine tv. They replaced the sexbomb dancers for being the Eat Bulaga official dance group for reasons that i don't want to get involved with......You can watch this sexy, young rising all girls dance group do there kagat labi!!! and itaktak mo!!! thing in Eat Bulaga!!! after takeshi's castle in GMA 7 kapuso Philippines. When will again these girls make hamon the sexbomb dancers in a showdown.


Considered as Eat Bulaga's Next Big Thing On TV, they were formed from the ground up from hundreds of aspiring females from all over the country, from the eliminations 'till the semi-finals, only 30 remained and were given the chance to prove themselves at the EB Babes Training Camp. The remaining participants were then honed and taught many different skills to become Eat Bulaga's most versatile all-female group, from dancing, singing to acting, everyone was expected to be at their very best, and at the end of the month long training regimen, social activities and nerve-wracking Saturday participant cut-offs, only 10 were chosen to become Eat Bulaga's Official Dance Group, hence the EB Babes were born.


Origin: Philippines
Genre(s): Dance
Years active: 2006 - present
Associated acts: Itaktak Mo, Joey De Leon
Website: http://www.eatbulaga.tv/ebbabes/index.htm


The members of EB Babes came from droves of female dancers who auditioned for a possible spot in the said dance group. The accepted applicants then had to undergo over a month of training in a dormlike facility located in Sitio Lucia in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. As seen on television, some of the young hopeful dancers were eliminated.

Though the producers of "Eat Bulaga!," TAPE, Inc. could have just taken the easy way by getting a new dance group or hiring established female dancers, they made sure that the latest addition to their family would excite their viewers . Thus they gave it a Reality-TV flavor which their audience enjoyed watching even with the tedious and taxing process of building for "Eat Bulaga!" a new dance troupe all worth it.

As Malou Choa-Fagar quipped proudly, "Para maiba lang."

The smooth rise of EB Babes is also because of the guidance given not only by Ms. Fagar but by the whole "Eat Bulaga!" family. Off camera, the EB Babes members were adviced to be cautious of their actions," to have wholesome recreations, no vices as much as possible and being dignified wherever they are since they too are carrying the name of Eat Bulaga!.


EB Babe Ann

* Name: Rose Ann B. Boleche
* Birthday: September 29, 1987
* Zodiac Sign: Libra
* AKA: Ballroom Babe

Also known as the groups unofficial leader because she was the one who excelled the most during the Training Camp days of the EB Babes talent search, specifically, in the field of dancing and was hereby dubbed as The EB Babe Boss. Also known as Ann by close friends and relatives. One of her most obvious trait is her being too talkative. Formerly affiliated with the ASF Dancers. She ranked as no. 95 at FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women 2007 and was captioned as The Boss.

EB Babe Angel

* Name: Rochelle Coronel
* Birthday: December 28, 1984
* Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
* AKA: Street Jazz Babe

The eldest member in the group and coincidentally, the smallest. Due to her past affiliations, she is also the most experienced member of the group. Mostly known as Angel by close friends and relatives, thus used her nickname instead of her real name as her screen name. Formerly affiliated with the Wowowee Girls (Bump Girls). She ranked as no. 31 at FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women 2007 and was captioned as Tested.

EB Babe Joyce

* Name: Joana Joyce M. Burgos
* Birthday: June 20, 1988
* Zodiac Sign: Gemini
* AKA: Cheerleading Babe

The youngest member in the group. Hip-Hop dance moves is one her favorites. Her very white skin tone is natural. Also known as Joyce by close friends and relatives. She was EB Babe Belle's final obstacle during All Star K! The One Million Peso Videoke Challenge TV show. She ranked as no. 25 at FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women 2007 and was captioned as Rural Legend.

EB Babe Belle

* Name: Marbelynne M. Rivera
* Birthday: November 29, 1987
* Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
* AKA: Diva Babe

Aside from dancing, she is the member in the group who excels the most in singing, thus dubbed as The Diva and usually leads the group in their singing performances. Also known as Belle by close friends and relatives. She was one of the few participants who won the coveted 1 Million Pesos at All Star K! The One Million Peso Videoke Challenge TV show. She ranked as no. 86 at FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women 2007 and was captioned as Instant Oodles.

EB Babe Madel

* Name: Madelyn C. Palma
* Birthday: February 13, 1986
* Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
* AKA: Gymnastics Babe

Originally from the City of Cebu and uses the Cebuano language. Also known as Madz or Madel by close friends and relatives. She ranked as no. 62 at FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women 2007 and was captioned as Southern Comfort.

EB Babe Lian

* Name: Lian Katrina I. Paz
* Birthday: December 4, 1987
* Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
* AKA(s): Dance Stunts Babe, Phoenetic Babe

One of the most controversial member of the group because of her past relationships with high profile Philippine showbiz personalities. Also known as Kat-Kat or Lian by close friends and relatives. Loves Hello Kitty very much. One of the three members of the group who has a tatoo of a fairy located at her left hip. She ranked as no. 18 at FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women 2007 and was captioned as Lunchtime Wonder.

EB Babe Kim

* Name: Kimberly Kate L. Guevarra
* Birthday: June 18, 1987
* Zodiac Sign: Gemini
* AKA: Comedy Babe

Last and final member to be picked during the EB Babes talent search. Also known as Suray or Kim by close friends and relatives. One of the three members of the group who has a tatoo located at her lower back. At the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation Awarding ceremonies, she was reported to have collapsed during the event. During the controversial first ever showdown with the SexBomb Girls, she suffered an accidental scratch at her back resulting in a quarrel with one of the members of the other group. She was also part of the Final 20 of GMA's reality talent search Starstruck III: The Nationwide Invasion: Dream, Believe Survive. She ranked as no. 44 at FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women 2007 and was captioned as Feverish.

EB Babe Mergene

* Name: Mergene E. Maranan
* Birthday: November 4, 1987
* Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
* AKA: Photogenic Babe

Considered by many viewers and critics as one of the most beautiful participants during the EB Babes Talent Search. Formerly affiliated with the short-lived Honey-Me Dancers. Also known as Jing by close friends and relatives. She ranked as no. 79 at FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women 2007 and was captioned as Sure Win.

EB Babe Mae

* Name: Mary Mae Dela Cerna
* Birthday: May 27, 1987
* Zodiac Sign: Gemini
* AKA: Acting Babe

Due to her youthful appearance, small face and extra round-doe eyes, she was always mistaken as the youngest member, thus known to the group as their Baby. Also known as Mae by close friends and relatives. She ranked as No. 91 at FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women 2007 and was captioned as Laser Vision.

EB Babe Saida

* Name: Saida E. Diola
* Birthday: October 17, 1987
* Zodiac Sign: Libra
* AKA(s): Belly Dancing Babe, Fashionista Babe

Formerly affiliated with the Wowowee Girls (Bump Girls). Also known as Sai by close friends and relatives. One of the three members of the group who has a tatoo of a crown located at her lower back. She ranked as no. 87 at FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women 2007 and was captioned as Primal Force.


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Now there's a reason to go to China if I've ever seen one.

Posted on 2/24/08, 3:23 AM  

No they're not chinese...

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Posted on 7/6/08, 10:47 AM  

ganda talaga nla

Posted on 7/19/08, 8:45 PM  

mahal na mahal ko si mergene!!!

Posted on 7/31/08, 3:29 PM  

hi eb babes,tlagang mas magalng kayo sa mga sexbomb na mukhang gorilla,highest level ang beauty nyo!!!

Posted on 8/4/08, 9:29 AM  

gling nyo

Posted on 8/8/08, 12:10 PM  

gnda tlga ni ate sai!!!luv you.........

Posted on 8/8/08, 12:11 PM  
ryujin yuna

the contents of this blog seems awfully familiar, maybe 'cause i know who made it LOL!, anyways, love the babes too ^_^

Posted on 8/10/08, 4:22 AM  

Im in love with Ann! ♥

Posted on 8/10/08, 9:28 AM  

bakit nawala si eb babe belle sa eb ng ilang weeks..??

Posted on 8/15/08, 8:58 PM  

belle, sana wag nilang sayangin yung maganda mong boses, kasi nakakapanghinayang lang..

Posted on 8/15/08, 9:01 PM  

belle, sana marinig ko ulit ang maganda mong boses..

Posted on 8/15/08, 9:03 PM  

i'm so in-love with you belle..

Posted on 8/15/08, 9:06 PM  

wala na akong masyadong mga balita tungkol sa eb babes kasi hindi na ako nakakanood ng eat bulaga dahil sa trabaho ko...sayang naman!!!

baka kaya nawawala si eb babe belle kasi may sakit siya!...kawawa naman!!!

bosing vic...tama!!!

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Posted on 8/24/08, 1:22 AM  
jheng of navotas

...hi pfue s inyo...??sobra gAndA niO tAlAgA...sNa m-meEt qkUe kAu ng pErSonal....

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jheng of navotas

...snA m-meEt qkUe kAu ng pErsOnAl...atE madeL pki add nmAn pFue aqkUe in FS ..PLSSSSS...drew_ashley07@yahoo.com...asahaN qkUe pFue.....!!!!!!!

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...Eb bAbE mAe Ang gAndA mO tlgA,I LUV U...mwUahhhh.snA GlingAn mO pA...kEp Up d gUd wOrk....

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ang gaganda tlaga ng eb babes...walang wala ang sex bomb..

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MY E-MAIL...dindodevera1007@aol.com

Posted on 9/2/08, 10:42 AM  

i love u mae...
cute cute mo tlga...
gudlak sa carir

Posted on 9/7/08, 2:02 PM  

love u mae...
ganda mo tlga... mwahhh

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joyce ganda mo
crush kta coment ka skin

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i love ann super duper..ganda nia sobra!! sna mging kmukha kita

Posted on 9/24/08, 12:36 PM  

hi ann di ko akalain na sisikat ka ka batch tau nung high school and proud kami sau...

Posted on 9/24/08, 3:59 PM  

hi eb babe ann,i hope 1 day i see you.may be im to far from you.but i always pray for you guys..take care,& more power eb babes...

Posted on 9/29/08, 7:13 AM  

nice blog, pero kilala ko nagsulat ng mga info dito galing sa wiki :)

Posted on 9/30/08, 5:34 PM  

mahal na mahal kita madel , lian ,and mae good luck poh sa mga project ninyo ILOVEYOU MADEL MAHAL NA MAHAL KIYA at sina MAE and LIAN take care and god bless poh

Posted on 10/5/08, 8:58 PM  

Hi mae, grabe ang ganda mu talaga, no.1 crush kta love you poh....coment ka aman po sakin....03_rhythem@yahoo.com

Posted on 10/6/08, 12:48 PM  

Hi Saida!ang ganda mo talaga sana minsan ma meet kita

Posted on 10/13/08, 6:17 PM  

this message is for saida diola i really like you i have a crush on you lagi akong nanonood ng eat bulaga just to see you you're so cute & pretty hope ma meet kita someday. more power sa grupo niyo(eb babes) at sa eat bulaga and stay away from trouble.

Posted on 10/30/08, 9:47 PM  

kim sori nabuntis kita

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wnt 2b my frnd? edless-core_me-life@softbank.ne.jp

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endless-core_me-life@softbank.ne.jp forgot 1 lttr.

Posted on 11/2/08, 8:01 AM  

eow poh
ang galing nu
talagang sumayaw???

Posted on 11/6/08, 4:40 PM  

hello,idol ko kayong lahat pero mas idol ko sina mae,mergene at maiko,sana lagyan nyo ng picture si maiko.

Posted on 12/16/08, 4:28 PM  

lagi ko kayong pinapanood,karugtong lang ito

Posted on 12/16/08, 4:31 PM  

hi po sa mga eb BABes..

lagi ku pu kau pinapanood hahaha pati ung sa festival mall na nakita ku si lian xD sa back stage hehehe ..

elow nga pala Saida Joyce Lian xD cucute nyu lalu na si Saida xD

Posted on 12/31/08, 5:10 PM  

hi po ulet i2 po e mail ku sa ym adrian_21408@yahoo.com sana ma add nyu ku kasi idul na idul ku kau xD

sana din mameet ku kau ng personal ^^ gud luck sa career more power

Posted on 12/31/08, 5:12 PM  

hi po ulet i2 po e mail ku sa ym adrian_21408@yahoo.com sana ma add nyu ku kasi idul na idul ku kau xD

sana din mameet ku kau ng personal ^^ gud luck sa career more power

Posted on 12/31/08, 5:12 PM  

i do mergene... i do.... praktiz lng...heheh XD
looking forward to meet you ol soon...

Posted on 1/4/09, 4:32 PM  

more practice huh.. infairness mas cute kayo sa akin!!kulang ng konting paligo... goodluck guys.. wabyu

Posted on 1/21/09, 8:43 PM  

hello eb babe saida nalulungkot
aq kc pnalitan ka bilangleader ng eb babes but ur beautiful than lian and mas mgling ka

Posted on 1/31/09, 1:35 PM  

maga2nda nga kau..d parin kau sabay sabay sumayaw..puro kau pacute...almosts years na kau sa eat bulaga d parin kau sbay sbay sumayaw../..ang panget kea tignan..ai naku eb babes>>>>MAG PA CUTE NLNG KYA KAU....

Posted on 2/13/09, 12:47 AM  


Posted on 2/13/09, 12:49 AM  

hi mga eb babes. kamuzta naman keo? oy practice keo ng maigi dapat sabay sabay keo s mga moves nyo kc 6 p keo nagcmula until now d p keo sabay sabay. baket kea? anu kea problema? oy, dont take it personal ah. c kim baket ung showdown meron kang sariling moves? anu un? cnu choreographer mu. itaas b naman ang kamay. nagkamali k nun noh, aminin. masakit b kalmutin ang sarili. kala ko b ikaw ang comedy babe baket c anne lagi nagpa2tawa kahit d naman funny. c sai bket ang lakas ng loob mu to counter part with rochelle haller nktawa k nun. lakas p ng loob ass out c rochelle mukha 2loy keo lalong pathetic. anu bang kea nyong gawin split lang, as in ayun lang. pasalamat keo wala p dun c aira kung d wala n keo s revolution ng earth aira p lang wla n keo, kahit sama sama p keo. pasalamat nga keo s sexbomb dahil bc cla kaya naghanap ang eb ng bagong dancer kc naman ang sexbomb daming racket wala ng pahinga. kya ayun may career keo, career nga b un.? cguro? well, i douth it. anu naman kung magbuntisan ang sexbomb eh babae cla. kahit magbuntis yan sexbomb p rin ang number 1 dance group female o male. magbuntisan man yan cla p din ang idol ng bata s sayawan. oy eb babes relatives nyo nagpost dito masyado keong close.

Posted on 2/19/09, 9:37 PM  

i meaN 2006 P KEO NAGCMULA

Posted on 2/19/09, 9:39 PM  

hi saida ang ganda mo tlaga

Posted on 4/22/09, 10:08 AM  

mas magaling tlaga ang eb babes kesa sexbomb na lola

Posted on 4/22/09, 10:11 AM  

hi lian bgay tlaga kau ni paolo kau ang nararapat sa isat-isa.

Posted on 4/22/09, 10:13 AM  

c joyce trip ko, me FS kya sya! cute pang CEU ang dating hahahaha!

Posted on 5/4/09, 10:18 AM  

saida i luv u??!!!crush na crush kta sna mkita kta sa personal kip safe!!!luv u saida at sa lhat ng eb babes

Posted on 6/6/09, 7:05 PM  

hey!!molly gling mo!!
mergene sna pag pakantot ka skn ur sexy and hot!!!

Posted on 6/6/09, 7:10 PM  

hoi mga putang ina nio ang papanget ng eb na yan mga walang mata papanget ng taste nio

Posted on 6/10/09, 6:30 AM  

ang ga2ling ng eb babes!! idol ko silang lhat!!
especially belle! ang galing ng kumanta magaling din mgsayaw.oh?! san kpa??!! :)
gudlak sa career nio!god bless.

Posted on 6/18/09, 8:46 PM  

how come i dont see madel palma anymore sa eat bulaga. Sya lang din dahilan kung bakit ako nanonood. I really find her very attractive and sexy. Hope you can inform her whereabouts.

Posted on 8/22/09, 7:06 PM  



--sna naaalala mo q... ;c

Posted on 9/2/09, 2:44 PM  

Idol kita EB BABE ANGEL...bAlik k n sa EAT BULAGA...abangan kita..hehe.._hanz_

Posted on 11/10/09, 6:49 PM  

Hello to all EB Babes.^^
EB Babe Mariecorn Hello sau and sana ma meet kita ng personal.hewhe.^_^
thankz and gudluck sau always..^^

Posted on 1/7/10, 6:48 PM  

yucks... eeewww... sino daw mgaling sumayaw ? eb babes ...? eewww ... kakadiri ... pacute lang nman sila ... walang originality ... naiinis ako pag nakikita kong sinasayaw nila ung step ng sexbomb ... may choreographer naman kau ah ... sabihin nio sakanya ...galingan naman nyang magturo... ilang years na kayong sumasayaw d pa din kau sabay sabay sumayaw ... ang sakit niyo sa mata panoorin .. tas napansin ko 3 nalang ang orig..eb babes ... nagsibuntisan na kasi lahat .. yucks ... haha..

Posted on 1/11/11, 7:28 PM  

c mergene d marunong sumayaw , pansin niyo parang kiti kiti kung sumayaw ... si anne mahilig pagalawin ang hair , i mean ang likot ng ulo nyang sumayaw ... si saida puro pacute.. tas yung si molly naman .. feeling naman yun,feeeling niya kalevel niya ang sexbomb ..si maricorn naman , ampangit niya ,, haha ...tas ung isa feeling kamukha si carla A. ei mukha nmang bakla pag nakamake up .. tas yung isa puro smile ... dpa ata marunong magsplit ...
haha ...
nakakatawa kaung sumayaw .... pambata kasi steps niyo ...
sexbomb dancers ... the best silang lahat ...

Posted on 1/11/11, 7:36 PM  

molly !! wala kang originality !! ginagaya mo si ate mhyca ...
ang tigas naman ng katawan mo .... eeeww! asa!

Posted on 3/21/11, 4:47 PM  

it's not important kng sino ang mas magaling sumayaw or sino ang mas magaganda,what matter is kng sino ang nasa entablado ngaun!!! puro kayo react,kesyo mas magaling sumayaw si ganun,mas maganda si ano at pangit mas pangit si yan...kng mkalait kayo parang ang ganda nyo na ah? ang eb babes ang nasa tv ngaun so sila na...wla nang iba pa!!!

Posted on 10/30/12, 8:24 PM  

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